USB Promotional Content
We can design it for you!
We can design content that will increase the effectiveness of your promotional USB devices. Following are just a few examples:
Animated Page Turn

Interactive product catalogues

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Active Menus

Give your productions a professional look and make them easier to use with an Active Menu. No longer will your clients have to search through hundreds of files on a disk or USB to locate the file they need. These menus do not require a browser and can be crafted in a huge range of styles.

We've created productions for universities, government and corporate use where the disk contents are presented in an easy to view format. Use these to access PDF, Word Doc, Powerpoint, videos, animations plus a wide range of other applications.

Logo Animation
Display your logo when the USB is used. Deliver a short sales message, then transfer the user to the USB workspace. There are many variations on this technique - including video and audio messages. Speak to us about the possibilities.
USBs can be used to run videos of all types. They have the capacity to contain full sized HD movies or smaller dimensioned videos used for instructional purposes. A typical 1 Gig drive can contain almost 6 hours of movies in FLV or MPEG format such as the restored 1942 US wartime production shown above.
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