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Electric Guitar
One of our most popular USB designs, available in 1,2 and 4 gig. Larger sizes also available
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Custom Design for Billabong
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Custom Design


Superior USB Drive Technology

ISD is an industry leader in the duplication of USB flash drives. We have installed commercial USB Drive duplication equipment in our Sydney production plant for rapid and inexpensive duplication of these devices and "tweaked" the process using specially developed software. As a Commonwealth Government recognised Research and Development center we continue to develop new and innovative applications for USB devices and associated technologies, including advanced research on security and compression techniques.

ISD's duplication process is superior to using multiple USB hubs to copy files to the device, as it offers the following advantages:

  • Simultaneous duplication to multiple devices
  • True binary copy with full verification of both data and unused memory areas
  • Not operating system dependent
  • Can copy the contents of any device
  • Test pattern can be written across entire device for quality evaluation
  • Allows us to provide fast and inexpensive duplication
USB Drives are effective marketing tools

Have you considered using USB Flash Drives as promotional items? We can supply a range of promotional USB drives printed with your company logo that will continue to promote your organisation for many years. In addition, we can duplicate your promotional material or catalogue onto the drive making it an attractive gift for your customers, one which will deliver your message every time the device is used.

Unlike CDs and DVDs, clients WILL look at the content material because the device is a useful data storage tool. We can make the USB drive autoboot with protected areas so that your company logo appears every time the device is inserted in the PC, even if the customer deletes the promotional material.

Your promotional USB drive can contain videos, animations, Powerpoint Presentations, PDF files and many other documents. All these can be linked to a menu for ease of access.

If you don't have a suitable promotional presentation, we can design one for you. (See Promotional Content below)

USB Drive Designs

We have hundreds of designs and styles, all with free logo printing for orders of 100 or more. Custom designs are also available.

A selection of USB Designs

USB Drive Promotional Content

We have designed a wide range of USB promotional content for our clients. USB Drives have the advantage of being a virtual memory extension to any computer system, with instant access and high data transfer rates. Not only can you store data files, but you can run animations, movies, and a wide range of applications, yet still have plenty of memory space for your clients to use for data storage. This makes USB drives ideal promotional items.

You can run a brief promotional movie, then display a menu for your client that enables them to select other content, or proceed to the data storage area on the USB. There are many variations we can design for you, depending on your requirements and client profiles.

Talk with us today about how you can use USB drives to promote your business.

Sample Promotional Content
For the Technically Minded

There are typically four major parts to a USB Drive

  1. A USB connector that provides a physical interface to the host computer.
  2. USB mass storage controller, this implements the USB host controller. This storage controller contains a microcontroller with a small amount of on-chip ROM and RAM.
  3. NAND flash memory chip. This stores data. NAND flash is also used in digital cameras.
  4. Crystal oscillator. This produces the device's main clock signal and controls the device's data output.
se-locked loop




Many companies selling USB flash drives are simply promotional companies marketing these devices. Most do not have the technology to verify the quality of the products they are importing. ISD is a technology based company able to verify the quality of all products we supply to our customers.

Be wary, price is no indication of quality

USB Drive Security
In addition to protected partitions, USBs can be created with copy protection systems to prevent the software from operating unless the original USB drive is inserted in the PC. This makes them superior to CDs and DVDs for data security.

Biometric Protection

We offer a range of special USB drives with fingerprint recognition. These provide you with unparalleled security. Used by government agencies, banks and defence, these USBs ensure data remains secure in the event of theft or accidental loss of the device. No more embarrassing public disclosures if the device goes missing!

Included are devices that are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated, with hardware generated AES 256-bit encryption to automatically protect all data. This provides unmatched hardware protection against malware in any environment.

Available in 1GB to 64GB capacities

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