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Packaging your media

ISD can fulfill all your media packaging requirements. A range of products can be supplied from standard DVD and CD cases and sleeves, through to custom designed items.

Standard items available are:

1. CD Packaging: Jewel Cases (standard, slim line or multiple CD's), envelopes, wallets and multipacks.

2. DVD Packaging: All styles, from standard 14mm retail case through multi packs to hold 10 or more disks. In addition, our range of CD wallets and sleeves are compatible with DVD disks and holds 1, 2, 5, or 10 disks.

3. Plastic Boxes: To hold A5 manual and disks.

4. Custom Designed: Cardboard boxes, plastic sleeves and plastic folders.

6. Disk Labelling: We can print or silk screen disks with full color labels.

The assembly of your software package may include disc printing, collating, package assembly, shrink wrapping and shipping to any location, for a complete fulfilment service.

Our Printing Service

ISD has extensive in-house printing facilities which enables us to provide an efficient, time saving service. We can design and print your instruction manuals, sleeve inserts, direct print CDs, DVDs and USB devices, and custom designed packaging.

These include:

1. Adhesive Label Printing - Thermal transfer printing of labels from supplied graphic files, hard copy or written text. Available in black, red, blue or green printing on a white label. This system can also produce high quality barcode labels.

2. Colour Inkjet Printing - Label information or logo can be printed in full CMYK colour on the surface of CDs or DVDs.

3. Offset Printing - Full 4-colour label/manual printing. We can create all manuals and box printing from supplied artwork.

4. CD-R Printing - Thermal transfer printing offers a permanent image on the CD surface which is more durable than bubble jet colour printing which can be smudged. We can print from supplied electronic image in solid colours of Red, Black or Blue and full colour.

5. CD-R Screen Printing - Printed with UV curing inks in any PMS colour. Magazine quality full 4 colour can also be achieved with this method.

6. Digital Printing - We have installed a Fuji-Xerox 6075 High resolution professional colour printing system for printing CD and DVD case inserts as well as posters and books.This is a full 2400dpi resolution printer producing quality equivalent to offset printing.

7. UV Disc coating. All CDs and DVDs printed with the inkjet process are given a coating of clear UV lacquer to seal in the colour and give protection against scratching and moisture.

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